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In which scenarios should I release my KillerKeys license?
Apr 13, 2013 by Gard Cookson

You should release your KillerKeys license from one computer, if you plan to then place it onto a different computer. If you fail to release the license first, it will not be accepted on the second computer (unless you've purchased multiple licenses.) Refer to the User Guide in the help menu of KillerKeys on how to release and restore licenses. Also, if you plan on upgrading major hardware in your computer, such as a new motherboard, processor or hard drive, you must first release your KillerKeys license, proceed with your updates, then restore it. If you plan on reformatting your computer, you must first release the KillerKeys license, then restore it after it has been formatted. If you plan on setting your computer back to a restore point prior to when KillerKeys was first installed, you must first release the license, then restore it when you re-install the application. You do not need to release and restore the license upon upgrading to newer versions of the software.

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