Restoring A License

Follow these instructions for restoring your KillerKeys license onto a computer where it was previously released. (Make sure that the license is not used on a different computer, if it is, you will need to release it from that one first.)

1. Click on the “Restore License” License Function to the right of this page. Type in all the appropriate information, then click “Send”. Your license should now be restored and you will be given an Unblock Code.

2. On the unconnected computer where you wish to restore KillerKeys, go into your Program Files folder and find the KillerKeys program folder. Within the KillerKeys program folder, you should see “KillerKeys.exe”, select it with a single mouse click.

3. Hold down the Shift and OS (Windows) keys on your keyboard, then double click the selected “KillerKeys.exe” to launch the program. Continue holding the Shift+OS keys for the entire launch duration.

4. At the end of the program launch a new pop-up dialog will be presented called “License Options”. Cycle through the tabs by clicking on the arrows at the top right of this window.

5. Select the “Unblock License” tab, enter your Unblock Code, then click “OK” below.

6. Your software should now be unblocked and you can launch the program normally.