Maxon Cinema 4D Keyboard Shortcuts

Below is a list of Maxon Cinema 4D keyboard shortcuts. With KillerKeys, you can always have the shortcuts you want for practically any application right in front of you.  Learn more

Modifier Key Key Description of shortcut
   F Goto previous frame
  Shift F Goto end
 Ctrl  F Goto previous key
   F6 Play backwards
   F7 Stop
   F8 Play forwards
   F9 Record active objects
 Ctrl  F9 Autokeying
   G Goto next frame
  Shift G Goto start
 Ctrl  G Goto next key
   [ Decrease brush size
Alt   [ Rotate brush counterclockwise
   ] Increase brush size
Alt   ] Rotate brush clockwise
  Shift = Zoom in
   Hyphen Zoom out
   C Catalogs
   D Desktop
 Ctrl  E Browser preferences...
   F Favorites
 Ctrl  F Search bar
   F3 Search bar
   H Home directory
 Ctrl  N New browser...
   P Presets
   R Recent items
   S Search results
   U Computer
  Shift A Invert all
 Ctrl  A Select all
 Ctrl Shift A Deselect all
 Ctrl  C Copy
 Ctrl  D Project settings...
   Delete Delete
 Ctrl  I Scene information...
 Ctrl  V Paste
 Ctrl  X Cut
 Ctrl  Y Redo
  Shift Z Undo (action)
 Ctrl  Z Undo
 Ctrl  F4 Close
 Ctrl Shift F4 Close all
 Ctrl  N New...
 Ctrl  O Open...
 Ctrl Shift O Merge objects...
 Ctrl  S Save
 Ctrl Shift S Save as...
   C Make editable
   M Mirror

These shortcuts are just a sample of the shortcuts available for this application. KillerKeys includes the complete list of shortcuts and is updated automatically with each new release of software.