Adobe Illustrator Keyboard Shortcuts

Below is a list of Adobe Illustrator keyboard shortcuts. With KillerKeys, you can always have the shortcuts you want for practically any application right in front of you.  Learn more

Modifier Key Key Description of shortcut
  Shift Down Arrow Decreases the selected value by a large increment
Alt Ctrl Shift F Highlight the font name field in the character panel
  Shift Up Arrow Increase the selected value by a large increment
   [ Decrease size of blob brush
   ] Increase size of blob brush
  Shift D Switch through drawing modes
 Ctrl  J Join two or more paths. Must select paths first. 
Alt Ctrl Shift J Create corner or smooth join. Must select paths first. 
 Ctrl  B Paste in back
 Ctrl  F Paste in front
 Ctrl  I Check spelling
 Ctrl Shift K Color settings
 Ctrl  L New Layer
 Ctrl  Z Undo
 Ctrl Shift Z Redo
  Shift M Select the shape builder tool
 Ctrl Shift E Apply last effect
Alt Ctrl Shift E Last effect
 Ctrl  F12 Other Script
Alt Ctrl Shift I File info
 Ctrl  N New
 Ctrl Shift N New from template
 Ctrl  O Open
Alt Ctrl  O Browse in bridge
Alt Ctrl  P Document setup
 Ctrl  P Print
 Ctrl  Q Exit
 Ctrl  S Save
 Ctrl Shift S Save as
Alt Ctrl  S Save a copy
Alt Ctrl Shift S Save for web and devices
 Ctrl  W Close
 Ctrl  C Copy
 Ctrl Shift F11 Symbols 
Alt Ctrl Shift K Keyboard Shortcuts
 Ctrl  K General Preferences
Alt Ctrl Shift S Save for Web & Devices
 Ctrl  V Paste
Alt Ctrl Shift V Paste on All Artboards
 Ctrl  X Cut
 Ctrl  F10 Show/hide stroke panel
 Ctrl Shift F10 Show/hide transparency panel
 Ctrl  F11 Show/hide attributes panel
 Ctrl Shift F11 Show/hide symbols panel
   F12 Revert
   F2 Cut
   F3 Copy
   F4 Paste
   F5 Show/hide brushes panel
  Shift F5 Show/hide graphic styles panel

These shortcuts are just a sample of the shortcuts available for this application. KillerKeys includes the complete list of shortcuts and is updated automatically with each new release of software.