Hotmail Keyboard Shortcuts

Below is a list of Hotmail keyboard shortcuts. With KillerKeys, you can always have the shortcuts you want for practically any application right in front of you.  Learn more

Modifier Key Key Description of shortcut
   Delete Delete a message
 Ctrl  N Create a new message
 Ctrl  Enter Send a message
 Ctrl Shift O Open a message
 Ctrl Shift P Print a message
 Ctrl  R Reply to a message
 Ctrl Shift R Reply all to a message
 Ctrl Shift F Forward a message
 Ctrl  S Save a draft message
   L Flag a message for follow up
 Ctrl Shift J Mark a message as junk
 Ctrl  Q Mark a message as read
 Ctrl  U Mark a message as unread
 Ctrl Shift V Move to a folder
 Ctrl  Period Open the next message
 Ctrl  Comma Open the previous message
   Escape Close a message
   / Search your email messages
   F7 Check spelling
   S Select all
   S Deselect all
   F Go to the inbox
   F Go to your Drafts folder
   F Go to your Sent folder
 Ctrl  0 Return everything on the page to normal size
 Ctrl  1 Switch to tab #1 on the tab strip
 Ctrl  2 Switch to tab #2 on the tab strip
 Ctrl  3 Switch to tab #3 on the tab strip
 Ctrl  4 Switch to tab #4 on the tab strip
 Ctrl  5 Switch to tab #5 on the tab strip
 Ctrl  6 Switch to tab #6 on the tab strip
 Ctrl  7 Switch to tab #7 on the tab strip
 Ctrl  8 Switch to tab #8 on the tab strip
 Ctrl  9 Switch to the last tab
 Ctrl  = Enlarge everything on the page
 Ctrl  B Toggle the bookmarks bar on and off
 Ctrl Shift B Open the bookmark manager
 Ctrl  Backspace Delete word preceding cursor
 Ctrl  C Copy highlighted contect to the clipboard
 Ctrl  D Bookmark your current webpage
Alt   D Highlight the url
  Shift Delete Delete the highlighted content and copy it to the clipboard
 Ctrl Shift Delete Open the clear browsing data dialog
 Ctrl  E Search using your default search engine
Alt   E Open the page menu
   End Go to the bottom of the page
  Shift Enter Find the previous match for your input in the find bar
 Ctrl  Enter Add www. And .com to your address bar input and searches
Alt   Enter Open your search in a new tab
   Escape Stop the loading of your current page

These shortcuts are just a sample of the shortcuts available for this application. KillerKeys includes the complete list of shortcuts and is updated automatically with each new release of software.