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I'm clicking on the key but nothing happens, what's wrong?
Apr 1, 2014 by Gard Cookson

There could be a number of reasons for this:

1. Some shortcuts are mode specific, and therefore won't work in every area of the program. For example, the "I" key means Mark In while on the timeline of most editing applications, however if your focus is on the Bin area, pressing our Mark In key will do nothing. If KillerKeys shortcuts are not doing what they say, make sure those shortcuts aren't mode specific. A great test is to press the actual shortcut on your keyboard, and see if it happens there; if it doesn't, you probably need to have a different section of the program highlighted/selected.

2. If you've changed your application's default shortcuts, KillerKeys has no way of knowing this, so it may still be presenting the default shortcut when in fact the shortcut has been changed. Try putting your application's shortcuts back to their default settings and see if the key starts working.

3. It is possible that we either listed the shortcut incorrectly in our program, or perhaps the application you're using has provided us with a bad shortcut. If you feel that our shortcut is incorrect, please use our Feedback section to contact us and let us know of the error, we will look into it and update the shortcut if need be.

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