Introducing KillerKeys

Bella Corporation Announces the Launch of its New Shortcut Software Program, KillerKeys

For the first time, a software program allows users to navigate the complex world of application shortcuts with ease

Burbank, CA, September 27, 2011 – Bella Corporation announced the launch of its new shortcuts software, “KillerKeys” today. For the first time, consumers and professionals will be able to have all of the shortcuts for all of their applications in one place.

KillerKeys is like a GPS for your computer applications, directing users to thousands of shortcuts for dozens of applications, allowing them to navigate through a complex world of applications with the click of a button.

Until now, users needed to research shortcuts for applications and then click on multiple buttons to use them. KillerKeys allows users to have a favorite shortcuts menu in front of them to use at their leisure or to turn off when not in use. Not only does it allow users to work faster, but KillerKeys acts like a cheat sheet for those who may not be familiar with the shortcuts integrated into their application.

KillerKeys appeals to not only the general consumer, but graphics and video professionals as well, allowing them to work smarter and faster than resorting to digging through menus to locate their shortcuts.

“We wanted to design a powerful application that is useful to the everyday consumer as well as our existing customer base in the video editing and design professions,” says Gard B. Cookson, President of Bella Corporation. “KillerKeys allows everyone to navigate applications faster and easier without the frustration previously linked to shortcuts.”

KillerKeys will be sold as four different Editions: Home & Student, Business, Print & Design and Video & FX, ranging in price from $9.95 - $49.95. There is an all-inclusive Master Edition that will save about 30% compared to purchasing each separately, that sells for $89.95. Each product comes with 12 months of free updates.

For more information or to purchase KillerKeys, please visit:

KillerKeys is available now at for Windows users. The Mac edition of KillerKeys is slated for 2012.

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