KillerKeys Pro

KillerKeys Pro offers an all-inclusive feature set, combining the features of all other versions of KillerKeys as well as offering additional features and functionality to make it the most powerful version of KillerKeys available. With KillerKeys Pro there are multiple ways and places to display and interact with your shortcuts: on the VR Keyboard, on the iPad or on Shortcut Palettes that float over your application.

VR KEYBOARD - The Last Shortcut Keyboard You'll Ever Need!
With the integrated VR Keyboard, you can see the shortcuts for all your applications in a familiar keyboard layout. Of course the keyboard is fully interactive, so if you press a modifier key such as the Control key, the appropriate shortcuts are display. The VR Keyboard is both a great learning and productivity tool! (Available on Windows late 2014)
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The free companion iPad App for KillerKeys Pro connects wirelessly to the desktop computer providing complete control from the iPad. Working in unison with KillerKeys Pro, the iPad App instantly displays the shortcuts for practically any application right on the iPad, providing shortcuts right at your fingertips. It offers both a Workspace and a VR Keyboard view and tons of additional features and functionality - so much that we've created a page just for the KillerKeys Pro iPad App! Learn More

Everyone approaches work differently, so KillerKeys is built so that you can set things up for the way you work. Each shortcut is held within a container that we call a palette that sits on top of whatever application you are in and can be positioned anywhere on your screen. As you switch from application to application, the shortcuts that you have defined will appear with that application, right in the position that you set. And to help get you started quickly, we’ve already created a sample group of shortcuts for every application that we support. Just drag and drop shortcuts as you need them - so you never have to go digging through menus again. Supper simple!


The iPad App includes KillerKeys Smart Sensing Technology that automatically shows you the shortcuts for the application you are working in. Switch from Word to Outlook to Photoshop and your shortcuts are always right in front of you.


Looking for a keyboard shortcut? Just use the convenient built-in search tool within KillerKeys Pro, which searches the shortcuts for the application you are in and displays the results instantly. There's no need to search help files or the Internet, and the best part is that you can permanently add the shortcut you are looking for to one of your Shortcut Palettes, so you never have to search for it again! The KillerKeys shortcut database is constantly being updated, so as new applications and versions come out, your shortcuts will be updated.

With KillerKeys, you are able to set up to three different Profiles for each application you use. Profiles are great for being able to display shortcut keys for different modes that you might be working in within an application. It also makes it convenient for working with multiple users on the same computer.

KillerKeys intelligent sensing ability - automatically senses the application that you are in - even cloud applications. It displays the proper shortcuts, all without you having to do a thing! KillerKeys is compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome browsers.

Admit it: you like things your way. With KillerKeys Pro easy to use customization features, you’ve got control over just about every aspect of the appearance of the keys and Master Palette, from the color, font size, drop shadows and even texture overlays. And you can specify a different look for each application you are in.

KillerKeys Pro supports over 100 applications, covering over 30,000 keyboard shortcuts that are broken down into Editions designed to fit your needs. There is the Business Edition which has application shortcuts for programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The Creative edition covers programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Avid Media Composer and Maxon Cinema 4D. Can't decide? Get the Master Collection, which contains both the Business and Creative Editions.
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KillerKeys Pro for Windows and the companion iPad App are available now. Click here to purchase KillerKeys Pro for Windows. For the free companion KillerKeys Pro iPad App, download it from the iTunes Store here.

KillerKeys Pro for Mac and the companion iPad App are available now. Click here to purchase KillerKeys Pro for Mac. For the free companion KillerKeys Pro iPad App, download it from the iTunes Store here.

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