Purchasing and Activating Additional Editions

Please follow these steps for purchasing new Editions for your KillerKeys program and activating them on your non internet connected computer.


1. Purchase new Editions on an internet connected computer by clicking the “Upgrade License” link at the top of the main KillerKeys site.

2. After the purchase is complete (may take several minutes to process) select the “Unlock Editions” License Function to the right of this page.

3. Type in the requested info, you will be given Feature Passwords for all Editions you’ve purchased.

4. Go back to unconnected computer, then go into your Program Files folder and find the KillerKeys program folder. Within the KillerKeys program folder, you should see “KillerKeys.exe”, select it with a single mouse click.

5. Hold down the Shift and OS (Windows) key on your keyboard, then double click the selected “KillerKeys.exe” to launch the program. Continue holding the Shift+OS keys for the entire launch duration.

6. At the end of the program launch a new pop-up dialog will be presented called “License Options”. Cycle through the tabs by clicking on the arrows at the top right of this window.

7. Find the Feature Passwords tab, then enter the appropriate password for each new Edition that you were given, then click OK.

8. KillerKeys should continue to launch normally and all of your purchased Editions will be unlocked.