Renewing Updates

Follow these steps for purchasing another year of KillerKeys updates, and then activating the update on your non internet connected computer.

1. Purchase another year of updates on an internet connected computer by clicking the “Renew License” link at the top of the main KillerKeys site.

2. Once the order is complete (may take several minutes to process), select the “Renew Updates” License Function to the right of this page.

3. Type in the requested info and you will be given a Renew Updates Password.

4. On unconnected computer where KillerKeys is installed, open up the program, go to the Settings Page, and then go to “Licensing” under the Help Menu.

5. On the License page, click on “Apply Updates Password”, then input the update password.

6. If you do not have a currently installed version of KillerKeys in which to access the “Licensing” page, just run any new installer and a prompt will pop up asking you for the Update Password.